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Need a 2024 Topic

Postby linuxluver » Fri Apr 26, 2024 11:12 pm

Great to see the Phereo site is still here and running. But the last post in the forum was 23 November 2023.
Can't leave it like here is a topic from 2024.

If anyone has any news about the site it would be great to hear it.

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Re: Need a 2024 Topic

Postby bo3b » Sun Jul 21, 2024 3:17 am

You might have seen that phereo went offline in the last couple of weeks. This happened because I'm not a real web admin, and did not finish the job of getting the domain registry in my name. So it was still in the name of the original dev, Denis, who is no longer associated with the project at all. That means none of us except Denis could log in to GoDaddy to update the registration.

For reasons that are not clear to me, GoDaddy took us offline and locked the domain for the last two weeks. This has caused a lot of knock-on effects, like breaking our HelixModBlog images, and breaking the AWS email setup. It's not great.

We are back up now, and should have resolved the GoDaddy problem, although I'm still not clear on exactly what happened. GoDaddy support is practically non-existent, which is why it took two weeks to get ahold of someone to prove we own the site.

In the meantime, I made an alternate site that we can use, that I have full control over with a domain registrar who knows what they are doing. If we get an outage in the future, you can now also use: to get to the site.

One thing that I'm slowly working through is how to reenable email notification for these forums. Without that, I know these are very hard to use. Once I get it running, I'll send out a notice by posting here. I will also likely send a notice to all prior registered users, as I expect a lot of the older folks don't know that it is still running.
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