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Swimsuit contest jury board

Postby alex » Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:45 pm

We are happy to introduce our summer contest jury. The shortlist will be judged by some of our previous jury participants, as well as by the winners of our Winter contest.

Stuart Edwards aka Media3D

“From a very early age I became interested in 3D when I received my first Viewmaster. My first job was a projectionist at a local cinema which gave me inspiration to make 16mm films. In 1978 I won the award for best fiction film in the BBC television competition “Action.” In the early nineties 3D photography again roused my interest and I started to produce 3D freelance work for the U.K. and America this was in the form of lenticulars and short 3D slide shows. Now retired I love to try and take stereo photography to the limits by mixing native 3D with 2d to 3d conversions and CGI. There are some fantastic images posted on Phereo and my ambition now is to produce that one image that says”WOW” the closest I believe that I have achieved this is my photo Attraction"

Stuart’s gallery on Phereo: http://phereo.com/Media3D

Cesar Sommer

Cesar Sommer is a photographer / producer of stereoscopic 3D content but also an established commercial photographer in 2D. He most known as being one of the first “Digital 3D” fashion photographer worldwide using the 3D technology not for print but for digital media / hardware as logical extension nvidia (the inventor of the GPU - graphic processor unit) contacted him to collaborate for various occasions. His first 3D Portfolio Reel also was used as demo content for the premiere of YouTube in 3D at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. As reaction to that he got much feedback from around the world and interest in his 3D still photography, like Bob Johnston 3D content producer (Streetdance 3D, My Bloody Valentine etc.) or Ben Grossmann Oscar winning SFX Supervisor (Martin Scorsese Hugo 3D) even the NASA was interested in his technique. He is also the first or one of the first to photograph celebrities in digital 3D. Among them Grammy nominated Rapper/Actor Redman (Scary Movie 3 & How High) and 2x Grammy winning Fatman Scoop or Bobby V who won a Urban Music Award for Best R&B Act.

Cesar’s stereoscopic portfolio page on Phereo: http://cesarsommer.phereo.com/

Tamás Szoboti

Winner of Phereo Winter contest and experienced stereoscopic photographer based in Budapest, Hungary.

“I started 3D photography relatively late, only after the premiere of Avatar while working as editor/writer for photograpihic, and video related magazines. My first goal was only to see what the 3D format holds for the imaging industry. After a few months I stuck with 3D and i love it.

As I still work for Audio & Vision Hungary, I also have to look at the 3D offerings of the movies and honestly, I am very disappointed by the way Hollywood treats stereoscopy. Abusing the format only to squeeze out more income from 2D movies, and not taking the time to shoot more good 3D pictures that truly let you dive deeper in to the scene and see more detail, realistic depth and real proportions. I do think that good 3D is a great tool, just like color film was, but it will only flourish when it will be used properly. 3D photography, and the tools that Phereo gives to people should be used to teach decision makers about the values of stereoscopy.”

Phereo gallery: http://phereo.com/Szoboti
Personal site: http://www.yes3d.eu/

Timothy C. Flood

Tim­o­thy is a mul­ti­me­dia artist in Den­ver, Col­orado whose work includes sur­real stereo­scopic pho­tog­ra­phy, inter­ac­tive com­mu­nity inter­ven­tion instal­la­tions and con­cept based self-expansion using cast iron. He is also one of the winners of our stereoscopic photo contest Winter Tales.

Phereo gallery: http://phereo.com/TimothyFlood
Personal site: http://www.timothyflood.com/

Jeffrey Cooper

A seasoned 3D photographer and the creator and administrator of the http://www.3dphoto.net and http://www.3dphoto.net/forum. Jeff’s selfless dedication to all aspects of 3D has been a contributing factor in many photographers becoming comfortable in the medium. He also published The 3D Photography Book, a great handbook for anyone interested in stereoscopic 3D photography.

Alexander Savin

A filmmaker, stereoscopic photographer and skydiver from Helsinki, Finland. Winner of the NVidia 3D Vision May photo contest 2012. Recently finished a short experimental film titled Helsinki 3D, most of which is shot using hyper stereo 3D timelapsing technique. The film was now premiered in October 2013 on Beyond 3D festival in Germany. In the past did cinematography for 3 feature length films, all of which had theatrical releases in Finland. Author and administrator of the StereoFinland.com site.

Phereo gallery: http://www.phereo.com/alex
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