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Re: Feature request / Feedback

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:51 am
by San10
Request1: to change the Phereo to a GNU License for developers at XDA to tweak the heck (or hack :D ) out of it.
Since Phereo isn't maintained so much nor updated anymore, isn't it an idea to open it up to other developers?

Request 2: simpler request: option in the app to choose column interlaced. This would save the day and would bring back the 3d eco system to maybe all present phones and tablets. Yes all, because there are protective 3D foils. But for the Doogee, the ZTE, PPTV, it would of course be golden, especially the ZTE with its dual lens, then having almost the compleet 3D ecosystem back except youtube 3D. If Sview or Stereoscope can do that, why can't Phereo?