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Site/forums suggestions

Postby Vapymid » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:38 am

Undoubtedly, the technical side of Phereo is the most advanced of all 3D image hosting/galleries sites I have seen so far. However, I believe the "social" aspect could do with some improvements.

For example, with the moderation as it stands now what we see is normally days passing without any updates to the galleries then, all of a sudden, a 100 or more new images appear, of which only 4 are shown on the home page.

The result? I believe most added images are never seen by anybody because hardly anyone bothers to switch back 10 or 20 pages on the Uploads gallery and go through the new additions (I am probably the only one regularly doing that, judging by the views counts on most images).

Also, the new way of moving to next/prev picture would also deter all but the most curious from exploring the site. Here I mean that opening an image in a new tab will not allow you to move to the next or previous image at all - you have to close the viewer (using the big "X" button and then reopen it again - only then you will be able to navigate in the album to which the original image belonged).

Finally, the comments system is not very useable because, though you can leave comments while you're browsing and while other's comments to your images will be shown on your home page for some time, there is no way (at least I have not found it) to continue the thread or even to see if the person you left your comments for has replied at all.

The album navigation and comments can probably have technical solutions and in any case, they are relatively minor issues.

There needs to be something done to make new additions more visible, though.

Maybe something as simple as adding discussion forums for various categories, where people can post when they add some interesting pics?

It would also help if linking from forums to people's albums could be made easier - now, if you click on a forum user's name it gets you to that user's forum profile, which is fine, but on that profile there are no links to the user's gallery and if you are interested to see their pictures you need to go to the main site and do a people search, which is a hassle.

So, basically, the suggestions are to:
- add sub-forums for discussion of different categories of pictures;
- make it easier to navigated from the forum to the galleries;
- tweak image switching in new browser tabs;
- make comments system more useful.

Sorry for the rant :-)


P.S. The [3dimage=] button in the forum message editor does not seem to work on my Firefox 15. It asks for the embed code and then does precisely nothing. Manually adding the tags still works fine...
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Re: Site/forums suggestions

Postby bulkinav » Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:05 am

Thank you for your detailed feature request! We appreciate your assistance aimed at improving our services.

All your wishes will be submitted to Phereo management. I think that most of them will be implemented as soon as possible.
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Re: Site/forums suggestions

Postby linuxluver » Sun Nov 11, 2012 10:33 am

These additional features would keep people who already use the site more engaged. I have been using Phereo for a while now and the lack of engagement with other users, combined with the lag in images appearing requires one be quite stubborn to keep coming back. :-)
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