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Feature request: Download photos

Postby drwr » Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:17 pm

The feature I consistently miss from Phereo.com is a link to download my own photos. It appears that the original full-size photos are stored on the servers, so it should be technically possible to download them again; but I can't find any option to do this.

I perceive that the design of this site is largely targeted at professional stereo photographers who need a venue to showcase their work, and I understand that a professional photographer would have no interested in re-downloading his/her own photos (because he has a copy already saved), and may in fact be nervous about the prospect of a download link accidentally becoming enabled for someone else, risking copyright theft.

But I use Phereo.com for a different purpose, and I suspect many other users here do too--I'm just a casual photographer who has recently acquired a 3-D camera, and I discovered that Picasa and other casual photo archiving services don't have support for 3-D photos. So I need to find somewhere else to do for my 3-D photos what Picasa does for my conventional photos, and Phereo serves that need pretty well.

But not perfectly--some of the design choices are inappropriate for me. The lack of a semi-private sharing mode for my albums, for instance, is a weakness; it means I can upload only those photos which I feel comfortable sharing with the whole world. Also, most of the incentives to upgrade to "professional" status have no appeal to me. (I paid the upgrade fee anyway because I appreciate the site and want to support the developers.)

But the biggest missing feature is the ability to download my own photos. Sometimes I don't have access to the computer I stored the original copy on, and I wish I could just download a new copy from here. I can do this easily for my conventional photos stored on Picasa, but I can't do it for my 3-D photos on Phereo.com, and this is frustrating for me.

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