First Post of 2016 :-)

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First Post of 2016 :-)

Postby linuxluver » Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:49 pm

Ok! It's 2016 and it looks like interest in 3D is growing. This is thanks, in part, to the rapid growth of VR technology. People are clearly looking for an immersive experience.

I recently bought a Samsung Gear VR to use with my SGS6 phone....and it blew me away. The 3D VR videos and photos - 180 degree or 360 degree - are amazing.

Unfortunately, affordable 3D VR camera rigs are still very expensive (example: at least 6 GoPro 3+ cams + rig + stitching software)....and that's cheap. Nokia have an "OZO" 3D VR cam for only US$60,000. Eeek!!!

There is hope on the horizon. VUZE plans to start selling an 8-camera 4K 360 /3D unit in August for under US$1000. That's the point where I think I will enter this market. :-)

Anyone else playing with 3D VR? I note that Phereo supports Oculus 3D format. There should be some good crossover here....and that may draw more people to this site, too.
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