designated stereoscopic monitor

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designated stereoscopic monitor

Postby takeru » Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:38 pm

I am afraid that the current Phereoshop implementation is not really optimized with multi-monitor environments.
I have a glassless stereoscopic external monitor, but unfortunately it does not work with Phereoshop effectively.

It should be a rather common scenario, where a user with a laptop equipped with a 2D LCD, but connected with a stereoscopic 3D capable TV.
In such a situation, the user should want to see a preview an image by the stereoscopic external monitor, but most of the operations, like file browsing or stereo alighnment adjustment should be preferred by the 2D monitor.

Especially for the stereo alighment, it shall be efffective if we can have 2 preview screens, one by a stereoscopic monitor, and another by a 2D monitor, in another rendering, e.g. anagryph or split.

I wish you implement such capability by a future release of Phereoshop.

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Re: disignated stereoscopic monitor

Postby bulkinav » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:40 pm


Yes, we know about it. At the moment the fullscreen viewer works only on primary monitor. But you can assign your 3D monitor as the primary.

And yes, we also have plans to add a special option that would allow you to specify the monitor to work with fullscreen viewer, but I can't name a specific timeframe when it will happen. Most likely, it will be implemented in the future versions.
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