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Re: Image theft

Postby sleightman » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:53 pm

Dear Vapymid,

In response to your statement "It supports monopolisation of power by intermediaries while the authors and users are being exploited." Well, I am the author. Just because I defend myself doesn't make me an industry or a corporation. Also, intermediaries are sometimes the only way artists get their work shown to others. Phereo itself is an intermediary is it not?

Also, your statement that copyright infringement is not theft ... ? Tell that to Coldplay who just paid out millions to Joe Satriani for Viva La Vida. (Just one example among many)

Aside from all of my endeavors, as an individual artist, it is my right to defend myself anyway I see fit. I am a huge supporter of the arts and don't like seeing anyone ripped off, even if it's a big name multimillionaire artist. Heck, I could be that guy some day... :roll: But I digress...

It wasn't my intent to come here and make enemies. I should have contacted Phereo directly. It seems there was one user here who was the perpetrator and now it has been stopped. There were several artists that were hot under the collar over it, so at least the sentiment being thrown at me here doesn't seem to reflect the attitude of the entire 3D community.

Here is what it comes down to: I would protect your work, weather I like it or not, just as much as I would protect my own. Really. If you want to give away your work, that is your choice. But what if someone were to take one of your photos and use it in a way that you would find personally offensive? Maybe your feelings would be different (?)

I know it's easy to call me an ass or a troll, or tell me to grow up, but believe it or not I do think these things through. I find it weird (and sad) that the very people I would try to protect would shoot me in the course of trying to protect them. Pity really.
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Re: Image theft

Postby 2eyedFroggy » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:48 pm

plz donot protect me, u'll have plenty of time to shoot picts and process them.

ARt, business of licensing picts, law, worldSheriff u're confused mate ...

And have a nice week.
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